Monday, March 19, 2018

Week of March 19th

ELA Lurz

-50 Word Spelling Test this Friday March 23rd
-Bully For You Teddy Roosevelt test chapters 1-4- Wednesday**This test will be Thursday because of the snow day!!**
-My Woman in History Essay done at home due March 27th   Interview, type, and research involved so don't wait until the last day!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week of March 12th


Monday- "Music Video" Sheet 
Tuesday- "Women in Wartime" Sheet

Wednesday- No spelling test this week.

Marking Period 3 -50 Word Spelling test Friday, March 23rd
**Your Women in History Essay due March 27th**
(This is all done at home)
I am available after school on March 26th if you need to type this in school. Please make sure you have a permission slip.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Week of March 5th

The Journeys reading test from Friday will be administered Monday.
Monday- Readers Notebook pg. 268 Do the challenge for full credit.
Tuesday- Readers Notebook pg. 270
Wednesday- Spelling test tomorrow * The spelling test will be the next day that we get back.*
Thursday- Reading test tomorrow

Spelling Words: Words from other countries
salsa, mattress, tycoon,burrito, bandanna, tomato
poncho, dungarees, lasso, patio, siesta
cargo, vanilla, iguana, tsunami, plaza
caravan, hammock, pajamas, gallant,
mosquito, cathedral, alligator, tambourine, sombrero

Monday, February 26, 2018

Week of February 26th


Monday- Practice Book pg. 256 (This is the sheet I gave you because the book has a mistake, gasp!)
Tuesday-Practice Book pg. 258
Wednesday- Study for spelling test which is tomorrow
Thursday- Study for reading test which is tomorrow

Spelling Words:
Suffixes: -ful,-ly,-ness,-less,-ment

watchful, delightful, forgetful, plentiful, suspenseful
lately, steadily, calmly, noisily, suspiciously
closeness, cloudiness, tardiness, forgiveness, seriousness
countless, harmless, effortless, merciless,
settlement, government, agreement, enjoyment, appointment, contentment

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Week of February 20th


Tuesday- Readers Notebook pg. 244 Complete the challenge to get full credit.
Wednesday- Readers Notebook pg. 246 Study for spelling, test tomorrow.
Thursday- Study for Journeys reading test " The Dog Newspaper" tomorrow

Spelling Words:
duties, ferries, abilities, trophies, enemies, victories, memories, strategies, dictionaries, boundaries, tragedies
denied, terrified, horrified, unified, satisfied
earlier, sunnier, dirtier, cozier, drowsier
loveliest, scariest, iciest, greediest

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week of February 12th


Monday- Readers Notebook pg. 232 Do the challenge for full credit!
Tuesday-Readers Notebook pg. 234
Wednesday- Study for spelling test given tomorrow
Thursday- Study for reading test given tomorrow

Spelling words: more words with -ed and -ing
decided, related, damaged, united, operated, donated
tiring, freezing, losing, amazing, practicing,amusing, rehearsing
borrowed, delivered, whispered, remarked, supported, expected, repeated, assigned
performing, resulting, attending, entertaining

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week of February 5th


Monday-Readers Notebook pg. 220
Tuesday- Readers Notebook pg. 222
Wednesday- Study for spelling test given on Thursday
Thursday- Study for Reading test given on Friday

Spelling Words: scrubbed, stunned, skimmed, shrugged, whipped, quizzed, scanned, occurred
knitting, beginning, chatting, upsetting, compelling
wandered, ordered, totaled, answered, deposited, cancelled
listening, carpeting, gathering, bothering, suffering, threatening